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December 2017
why we love it
By Laetitia Puyfaucher, Founder & CEO, Pelham Media Ltd.
2017 is the 50th anniversary of Capgemini and what a pleasure it has been to dive into the lives of those who transformed a small French company into a multinational titan in a matter of decades. They were only six in 1967… Today 200,000. Wow! What an opportunity for the storytellers we are. Because 50 years of history means 50 years of stories, and we’ve got some fabulous ones to tell.
And what a blessing for the author of Le Média Humain, because, six years after its release, Capgemini let us deploy an employee advocacy program in 40 countries. These 50 years resonated throughout 2017. Now how about a few more details?
Portrait of
a successful employee advocacy strategy
Enlisting employees as social media ambassadors can produce fast and stunning results for companies, especially in terms of e-reputation and generating leads. To ring in its 50th anniversary, Capgemini wanted to unite all 200,000 of its employees through a social sports challenge for charity, called MOVE50. After five months, the operation concluded on October 31, 2017, and it was an absolute success, with more than 410,000km tracked by thousands of employees across the 43 countries where the Group operates. In addition, Group employees tallied up nearly 230,000 #CAPGEMINI50 posts on social media.
No more Mr.
After half a century of unforgettable projects, Capgemini had assembled quite a collection of wonderful stories, but the company didn’t want just a nameless voice to narrate them. Instead, it turned to the real-life heroes of its adventure – the Group’s employees – to recall the Group’s activities in a direct and totally unique way. How to reduce an aircraft’s design time by 90%? What method could be more efficient than a moped to carry out 50 million interbank transactions? How to combat a new generation of hackers? Readers can discover all these fascinating stories, as told by Capgemini insiders, at capgemini50.com.
KCO and
Capgemini win
News 3 is the magic number! Capgemini, WordAppeal and KCO received top honors at the Communication & Enterprise Awards 2017 for the group’s 50th anniversary celebrations. With two first prizes and one honorable mention, the ambitious project that began in May 2016 proved a huge hit with the judges.
Discover the 8 trends in employee solidarity projects by registering for our luncheon on January 18, 2018, at Le Comptoir Général, in the 10th arrondissement of Paris.
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